What does it mean to be "Datsyukian?"

Pavel Datsyuk (AKA: The Magic Man) is well known for many thing. His hands, his vision, his thievery and play making. But the thing that truly separates Pavel Datsyuk from the rest is his creativity & unpredictability. He sees the game different and we constantly hear announcers stating that Datsyuk does something new every game. The game is fast evolving and Datsyuk is instrumental in that.

I grew up a huge Magic Man fan and before I made videos of myself I spent hours searching on YouTube for highlights of Datsyuk that people had never seen before and making highlight packs of them. The things there are no stats for that lead NHL players to say he is the best in the game. To be "Datsyukian" is to do something with creative flare and to do it flawlessly.

"What a Datsyukian Deke that was!"

Ending the lives of ankles around the world and stealing pucks in stealth mode. We can all have a little Datsyukian in us. I know that watching Datsyuk play deeply has gotten my creative juices flowing and I hope it does for you too. Please enjoy these videos, study them and most importantly put them into practice.